Michele Scott



Eppel bauer Cider Co.

Branding, packaging, web design

Art Direction:
Bryan Satalino

The Challenge

The problem presented in Eppelbauer Cider Co. was to create a brand that connected traditional PA dutch
cider to modern day drinkers. The new direction had to be more modern while still feeling relatable to its
Pennsylvania Dutch roots. The problem was to take old tradition and make it new and exciting for a 20 year
old and 30 year old demographic.

My Approach/Research

I initially did research by going to bottle bars, and seeing what stuck out from other cans/bottles.
In doing so I noted that cans are a much more popular and accessible form of drinking for 21 to
30 year olds. The colorful cans and illustrated cans stuck out the most to passerbys and were often
recommended more often by workers there. I directly studied and looked at the design of local
competitors such as Kurant, and Ploughman and even larger national competitors such as Angry
Orchard, and Woodchuck. All these brands created beautiful, colorful imagery, color palettes, and
type to communicate flavor. Communicating flavor is key.


Sketches of Logo & Type process

The sketches explored the possibility of taking a rustic rugged approach, versus a more modern feeling
and marketable to younger 20’s and 30’s. I leaned more towards a simple vector/graphic approach and
to bring the rustic farm feel through other element in the project’s future.


Pattern Process

For the pattern I wanted to bring in the rustic feel of the farm life. So I started sketching little rustic/sketchy icons for the
patterns. I made specific icons for the 3 specific flavors. For the Semmederri the pattern is dedicated to the fallen buried
in the graveyard by the orchard. The pattern for the Hutzelschatze has to do with the orchard owners love of Peaches and
music. And the last is the Verwartzelt, the everyday hardworking orchard farmer’s cider. I also started to sketch how I was
going to apply these patterns to the can so they show off the can, the brand and feel.