Michele Scott


Michele Scott;
designer, illustrator, story teller


Hello! I was born in a field during a romantic comedy, thunderstorm scene, when my horse father made love to my human mother. I was a centaur until the age of 12, when I had my
human leg surgery and became full human. But anyway, here I am, 12 years later a fully
trained graphic designer and illustrator based in Philadelphia, PA. I received my education
at the Tyler School of Art, a pretty groovy school. I have become fully fluent in (some) adobe software, computer clicking, creative ideas and concepts. I just love to draw, be creative,
solve design problems, playing/watching sports, food, and anything fluffy makes me happy :-)

If you want to work together, get slimed, hire me, or send me hate mail, contact me here:

or call 911 (ask for Officer Matteo Mac O’Maley)

Download resume here