We are familiar with service health and safety rules and we offer the following services:

Building plans & designing /Draftsman”) services

We suggested that you discuss your new building idea or building renovations project with us for detailed building plan design process; this will be prepared prior to the local Municipality building inspector rules, on projects that are cost sensitive. We will do a study on the site and have a face to face discussion with you about building plan. Once you receive your building plans to a sufficient level of detail, we suggest you have a specific costing prepared by either by building cost estimator of your choice.

  1. Building plan architecture/ draughtsman services
  2. Quantity surveying
  3. General building constructions
  4. Building Renovations
  5. General painting service
  6. Creative  mural painting and decorations of office building walls
  7. cement mural arts
  8. Book Illustrations
  9. Garden Landscaping services and designs